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Frequently Asked Questions

Possibly, we offer some rooms for single person use. Some rooms have two or more desks, these can either be booked out as a whole, or if you book just a desk, you could be sharing with someone else. There are acoustic baffles between desks, so even of you are sharing, you can still feel you have your own space.  

There is a kettle and fridge in our venues, we don’t however provide tea or coffee, please feel free to bring in what you need and there are usually coffee shops nearby, we are keen to support our local businesses in the towns where we have venues.

Different offices have different opening times, but the core hours will generally be 8:00–18:00, have a look at the venue web page to confirm.

At the point you book the work space, you will be asked to pay for the booking. We us a system called Stripe which is large international payments system (Like Paypal), it meets all the necessary encryption and security standards.

We understand that our clients need flexibility and that circumstances can change. We ask that you cancel 48 hrs prior but understand if that isn't possible. We are happy to allow you to change your booking but if there is no option except cancellation then all you will be charged is a small transaction fee.  

Yes, when you make the booking you will receive a receipt which states the fee you have paid. We are more than happy to provide more information directly to employers if required.

We are looking for more suitable offices in the Borders, East Lothian, Midlothian, Fife and West Lothian and if you know of either a community group with access to a venue or a landlord, please get in touch at

Your desk will be in good condition and quite large (Usually 160cm x 80cm), it will have a new 24” Dell monitor, a desk light, a comfortable executive-style chair (That basically means it has arms and is well padded) and baffle panels (Where required) around it.

In most instances yes, please contact us at to inquire.

We ensure each venue has high speed broadband to support the user capacity in that office, so you will be able to do video conferences or other high load activities.


The Wifi code will be visible in the venue, but you will also receive notification by email during booking.

If you have booked a room then yes, you are welcome to use that room to conduct your business however suits you. Just remember rooms will have maximum capacities which shouldn't be exceeded. 

If you have booked a desk then that desk can only be used by one person. Of course things happen and it's fine to have occasional visitors but remember, you may not be the only person who booked a desk in that room so consideration should be given to others.  

Absolutely, you can come and go just as you would if it were your own office. The front door will either be open or need the code which has been provided to you.

Many of our venues have a concierge who will ensure the venue is open before the booking time, so just go on in and find your work space (It will be signed. You may see the concierge who I am sure will say hello and answer any questions.

Some venues will have no concierge and a coded door lock, you will receive notification of the code by email during the booking process.

If you have any difficulties in access please ring our helpdesk number on 0333 577 8827.

Our website describes what is around each venue, we hope to provide links to some of the shops soon.

Yes, there will be a shared wireless printer which you can use. Paper is provided and we have simple honesty box at 5p a sheet for printing or copying.