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For Landlords

For Landlords

Hometown Hub know that 2020 and 2021 have been extraordinarily challenging for landlords, with buildings remaining unoccupied and rent not being paid. In addition as businesses move beyond covid lockdowns, many are reluctant to secure long lease and a lot of buildings remain vacant.


At Hometown Hub we are keen to expand and are looking to partner with landlords to create new venues in towns across the UK. We operate in towns and suburbs, as such we are not seeking spaces in centers of cities but we are keen to find suitable venues on highstreets and central locations in small and medium sized towns.​

In addition, we are looking for spaces in suburban areas of cities, i.e. where people live.

Types of Space

Any sizes of venue can be made to work as a Hometown Hub flexible work space. However the factors which influence whether a venue will be successful or not are as follows:

Size – Ideally spaces between 500sq ft & 5,000sq ft are best suited, though there is flexibility, contact Hometown Hub to discuss.

Layout – Ideal layouts for larger venues involve a mix of open spaces, small rooms and larger rooms. If a larger venue only consists of 1 very large open plan space, it makes it much harder to market and fill.

Location – High street locations in towns easily accessible by local residents work best, out of town spaces can work for certain types of venues, contact Hometown Hub to discuss.

The Market – Is there the market in the area to support the size of venue? This will require some analysis and market testing, Hometown Hub can lead this.

How We Help

Our model differs from some office space providers, in as much as we don’t buy or lease property, instead we partner with landlords and split revenue. We can offer 2 models:

Digital & Brand

In this model the property is branded as a Hometown Hub venue. Hometown Hub provides the digital interface between the customers and the venue. Using our strong integrated digital services we take bookings, payments and deal with all correspondence with customers leaving the landlord to deal with the management of the venue. Under this model Hometown Hub takes a small share of the revenue from bookings.

More specifically Hometown Hub provides:


Our professional, clean and corporate website is integrated with all of our other systems and is compatible with devices ad phones. It is also search optimized for higher search ranking on Google

Booking system

Our excellent booking system means customers see what desks/rooms/spaces are available in each of our venues. They can see when they are available and how much the fee is and then register and book.

Payment System

Our encrypted payment system takes payment online directly from the customer and deals with refunds inline with our refund policy. Payment of all venue fees is paid directly to the landlords bank account monthly minus the Hometown Hub fees.

SMS System

Our SMS system integrates with our website and booking system and sends out text messages to customers on making booking and as a reminder when their booking is coming up, i.e. receive text today for a booking next week.


We know the importance of customer feedback so, at the end of each visit (regular customers can exempt), a customer receives an email with a feedback questionnaire, so we can constantly measure our performance and improve.

CRM System

Our CRM tracks all correspondence with our customers and retains a database for marketing or correspondence purposes.

Digital Marketing

One of the key aspects of our service is the very active digital marketing effort. We are active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and are investing heavily in our Google Ad-click campaigns.

Local Advertising

We undertake localized advertising on radio, newspaper and social networking community groups. Our 15% of revenue marketing budget makes this possible.

Corporate Targeting

We target business, public sector and 3rd sector to offer localized office spaces for their staff who are now compelled to wo work at home or to create satellite offices.


Our brand, logos and colours will be used throughout Hometown Hub offices and on the digital platforms, meaning that landlords don’t need to invest time or money on this.


We will provide all exterior and interior signage for the landlord including policies, outside signs and any desk specific branding.


We provide rules, guidance and covid policies for customers and the landlord.

Digital, Brand & Concierge

This model is suitable for Landlords who don’t have the time or inclination to be involved in the management of the property. Hometown Hub provides all of the activities described in the Digital & Brand option, but also acts as concierge for the property and deals with management activities. ​


Under this model Hometown Hub takes a larger share of the revenue from bookings.

More specifically Hometown Hub provides:

  • All activities from Digital & Brand
  • Concierge – Hometown Hub are able to deal with the access and welcome service required for the facility (The preferred model for this though is to use volunteer concierge or access controls [keypad locks]).
  • Technical Support – We offer remote technical support for printers, screens, wifi or other assets located in the venue.
  • Furnishing & Equipping – Hometown Hub furnish and equip the property to the brand standard (A separate charge is applied where this service is taken)
  • Management – Hometown Hub are able to manage some aspects of the building and services management, like Broadband, heating and building maintenance.