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Meet The Team


This whole idea was thought up by Andrew during covid lockdown days. 

But although he is the brains of the operation, co-workers and clients rarely see him as he is too busy with his “proper” job as an IT consultant. Essentially his role with HH appears to be paying the bills and messaging me at all hours with some other genius business or marketing idea or complaining about a website font. 

Jack is our trusted IT and technology expert who has been immersed in the world of technology since his days. He is currently pursuing a degree, in Computer Science combining his studies with years of experience.

One of Jacks skills is his ability to simplify IT issues and create effective solutions consistently improving efficiency in the digital landscape.

Outside of work Jack finds joy in sports, particularly football and horse racing.

It’s worth mentioning that Jack played a role in developing our company’s website and booking system. He remains dedicated to ensuring its user friendliness and up to dateness regularly implementing enhancements, for an user experience.


Craig is the guy who our customers see most often. He is the one who handles enquiries, sorts out problems, fixes locks, scouts out new locations, negotiates deals, handles the socials, and writes Meet the Team, sections on the website. 

For many years Craig was one of Scotlands most sought-after photographers, but COVID prompted a slight midlife crisis and he decided you go back to education and get a degree in Visual Communications and Graphic Design.  That is where the brand manager part comes in. From now on any changes in the branding of the company, Craig will be to blame.