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Welcome Craig!

Hometown Hub is going from strength to strength and continuing to expand. With that in mind, we are happy to announce the newest member of the team.


Craig has joined us as Operations and Brand Manager. That means he will be the clients’ first point of contact. All the day-to-day stuff will be Craig’s baby. If you have any questions, Craig will answer them, and issues, Craig will sort them.

Although the photo makes him look like a sprightly young thing, what he lacks in hair, he makes up for in experience. Having run his own successful business for 17 years, all the stuff around Covid prompted him to return to the classroom, and he recently graduated with 1st class hons in Visual Communication.That is why, as well as ops, Craig will also be steering us as we get to grips with our brand.As with all companies, our brand isn’t our logo; that is branding. The brand is who we are. It’s our ethics and our goals, and the reason we started this business. Our brand conveys us as an organization, and it is important that that is done accurately, cohesively, and consistently.

Our way of doing business won’t change, but our way of communicating and of telling our story definitely will as we continue to grow.

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