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Benefits for owners, businesses and workers.

Discover the transformative power of co-working spaces. Unlock the potential of your property investment while providing businesses with flexible, cost-effective, and innovative workspace solutions. Explore the benefits for property owners and businesses alike as we delve into the co-working revolution. Join us and experience the future of workspace.
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Navigating Remote Work Challenges with Our Unique Co-working Spaces

As the world embraces remote working, it's crucial to acknowledge the challenges it brings and explore how our co-working spaces in the Scottish Borders provide effective solutions.
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Rural Co-working on the rise.

The rise of co-working spaces, especially in rural Scotland, marks a bright new chapter in the evolution of the work-from-anywhere...
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Eyemouth Prepares for Storm Babet.

As I sit here looking out over Eyemouth harbour from the cosy comfort of our Pods, it is near impossible...
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Your Employees May Thrive In The Office, (Perhaps Just Not In Yours…)

Co-Working Offices Offer Many Benefits to Both Employers and Employees In the ongoing remote vs. in-office work battle, many companies...
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Eyemouth Herring Queen

Discover Eyemouth's Vibrant Past: The Herring Queen Festival Welcome to our awesome co-working spaces in the charming seaside town of...
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Welcome Craig!

Hometown Hub is going from strength to strength and continuing to expand. With that in mind, we are happy to...
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Jed Callant

Jethart Callant’s Festival

This week Jethart Callant's Festival – an iconic celebration of heritage, community, and the vibrant spirit of Jedburgh! At Hometown...
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Meet Our New Eyemouth Office

I can't imagine there are many places to work where you can have a break from your laptop, take one...
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Eyemouth Venue 2

Hometown Hub Eyemouth Venue

Hometown Hub are really excited to announce that we are expanding to the coast, Eyemouth to be precise. Eyemouth Harbour...
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