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The purpose of Hometown Hub is to provide a great place for people to work that is close to home. We believe that by providing this space, we provide a more sustainable work life balance for our customers as well as benefitting our local area by supporting local businesses.

At Hometown Hub we take our responsibility for the wellbeing of our customers and our planet seriously. We recognise the need for immediate action to reduce carbon emissions if we are to reach net zero by 2045 and, we recognise the need to support our customer to work in a comfortable and creative environment.

While working from home has many advantages, like our customers, we have found that home working 100% of the time can be quite challenging… think playful dogs, children coming home from school, a bad internet connection… to name a few. As the pandemic slowly passes and the world is opening back up, returning to a long commute pumping carbon emissions into the atmosphere is far from our minds but finding some balance or our work and home life is becoming increasingly important.

Our co-working and shared office spaces offer a perfect solution to the challenges of home and hybrid working and have a positive impact on sustainability. In fact, we would argue that coworking is one of the most sustainable uses of office resources – a win-win solution!

Hometown Hub offer a mix of spaces to suit your individual and business needs. From exclusive use office space to co-working and hot desks, our spaces gather people together in a local workplace community sharing resources and offering opportunities for networking and collaboration. We can provide you with a conference room, a quiet place to work, a space to be creative, a place to bounce around ideas – a place for you and your business to thrive.

Specific sustainability initiatives in each Hometown Hub Space include:

  • We fully support the Scottish Government ambitions for 20-minute neighbourhoods where people can live, work, and learn in communities close to home
  • We encourage customers to walk or cycle to our workspace where possible, or share transport
    (We even offer a discount if you leave your car at home)
  • We encourage recycling and composting of all food waste
  • We support our local shops and café’s – we have some great lunch deals available
  • We are breaking the paper habit by encouraging all customers to go digital where possible and ‘think before you print’!
  • We love the day light hours so open blinds and let daylight in where possible. Did you know that artificial lighting uses 40% of electricity consumption?
  • We furnish our offices with excellent quality recycled furniture where possible, from local suppliers
  • We listen to our customers and take on board their ideas for sustainability – we are all in this together and are committed to sustainability in the face of climate change